VEA – Varsi Energy Absorbers

VARSI Energy Absorber (VEA) is designed to protect wind turbine generators, inverters, converters and photovoltaic systems.

In the case of a sudden (unexpected, uncontrolled) disconnection from the main electrical grid, high voltage/current pulses appear.  The energy of such transients can reach up to 20 kJ or higher. Existing standard surge protection devices (SPDs) can only withstand a few kJ, whereas the VARSI Energy Absorber is able to absorb and sustain high energy long transients in a range of much more than 20 kJ.  The VEA is also able to withstand more than 1000 of such hits.

All the while, the Varsi Energy Absorber also works as an excellent surge protection unit.


Main Features
Wide Operating Voltage Range VRMS 130 V to 1400 V
High Energy Absorption Capability (@10/350 µs) Wmax 30 kJ (on one disc)
High Energy Absorption Capability (@10/350 µs) Wmax >250 kJ (with multi disc assembly)
High Energy Absorption of long transients (50 Hz) WLT >250 kJ (with multi disc assembly)
High Peak Current Capability (on 1 disc) Imax (8/20 µs)  150 kA
High Iimp Current Capability (on 1 disc) Iimp (10/350 µs)  150 kA



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