VTD Series

VTD(S) Surge Protection Devices use square shaped metal oxide varistors equiped with a thermo decoupling device. They can be widely used in TVSS products, AC/DC power supplies, AC panel protection modules, AC line power supplies, surge protected strip connectors, AC power meters, uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs), inverters, white goods, GFCI (ground fault current interrupters).

The advantages of the VTD(S)40 Surge Protection Devices are: terminal construction for PCB mounting, a thermal decoupling device which protects the VTD(S) against varistor failure in the event of abnormal overvoltage. The VTD(S) also has a remote signaling capability.


Main Features
Wide Operating Voltage Range VRMS 75 V to 1100 V
Very Good Protection Level Up (at Uoc/Isc) 200 V to 2970 V
High Max. Discharge Current Capability Imax (8/20 µs) 50 kA
option with decoupling device with VTDS signalization


Technical Data
Tested in accordance with IEC 61643-1 IEC 61051-1 and UL 1449
Category IEC/VDE III/D
Operating Temperature -40 … + 85°C
Mounting on printed circuit board (PCB)
Response Time < 25 ns