VSV – Varsi Super Varistor

The VARSI Super Varistor (VSV) is currently the most powerful protection unit on the market. With the development of MOVs incorporating thermal disconnection technology, VARSI can provide a product line that is safe and reliable for use on wind turbines, generators and other industrial applications where direct lightning strikes or high energies are expected.

The VSV construction is based on zinc oxide (ZnO) technology that distinguishes itself in comparison to the spark gap technology by its inherent self-extinguished capability. Consequently the VSV offers superior performance in DC applications.

VSV is a market proven product, certified in accordance with IEC 61643-11/EN 61643-11 and additionally tested for:

  • Chemical active substances
  • Environmental tests
  • Vibration tests


Main Features
Category (IEC/EN)  Class I/Type 1
Category (IEC/EN)  Class II/Type 2
Uc  320 VAC
Iimp  200 kA
In  150 kA
Up (150 kA) < 3,9 kV
Up (75 kA <2,5 Kv



VSV- data sheet