Epoxy Coated Series

The Epoxy coated type products are heavy-duty metal oxide varistors designed mainly for industrial applications and SPDs. They are larger diameter versions of the conventional metal oxide varistor disc components. They can have standard rigid terminals from VARSI or can be custom designed to fulfill a customer’s need to handle high current and energy, facilitating the mounting onto printed circuit boards. The Epoxy Coated Series offers excellent surge protection for use in industrial and consumer electrical equipment, power distribution, control equipment, security/fire alarm systems, railroad equipment, switchboards, computers, telecommunications, power supplies and motor controls.


Main Features
Wide Operating Voltage Range VRMS 50 V to 2400 V
Many Model Sizes Available round, square,

rectangular shapes

High Energy Absorption Capability Wmax (2 ms) 120 J to 6000 J
High Peak Current Capability Imax (8/20 µs)

High Iimp Current Capability Iimp (10/350 µs)

25 kA to 100 kA

5 kA to 50 kA

Versions for through-hole mounting or special versions for modules with thermocouple


Technical data
Climatic Category 40/85/56 in accordance with IEC 68-1
LCT – 40°C
UCT +85°C
Damp Heat, Steady State (93% r.h., 40°C) 56 days in accordance with IEC 68-2-3
Operating Temperature -40 … +85°C in accordance with CECC 42 000
Storage temperature -40 … +110°C
Electric strength ≥ 2.5 kV in accordance with CECC 42 000
Insulation Resistance ≥ 1.0 GΩ in accordance with CECC 42 000
Response Time < 25 ns